• Typing Agent Arrives for the UK!

    Typing Agent Arrives for the UK!

    Your school now has a license to type with the world's most innovative solution to teaching keyboarding.

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  • Thrilling Games!

    Learn to type, love the fun!

    • Thrilling games
    • Multiplayer games
    • Exhilarating Missions and Quests
    • Three plot driven worlds to choose from

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  • Social!

    Typing Agent lifts typing to a whole new level!

    • App style navigation
    • Interactive
    • Unique in-tutor "Agent Book"
    • Post messages on the wall!

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  • The Typing Agent Typing Experience

    Take your students on a typing adventure!

    A good typing tutor does not need to be boring. Our students love the Typing Agent Experience!

    • Serious typing mixed with fun texts and games
    • In-tutor social environment - "The Agentbook"
    • Appealing App Style Navigation
    • Stimulating interaction and rewards
    • Full teacher control
  • Dyslexia

    Touch Typing helps dyslexic children!

    Typing Agent is the ideal typing tutor for all children in primary school education. Children who have specific learning difficulties (e.g. Dyslexia) can achieve the ultimate goal - learn how to touch type with their friends and have lots of fun in the process!

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  • Test Your Typing Speed

    Speed Test!

    Are you still lost in the old hunt and peck system, see how fast you can type!

    Test Your Speed!

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The World's Most Innovative Solution for Teaching Typing in Schools

  • Makes Learning to Type FUN For all Students in Years 4, 5 and 6.
  • Makes Teaching Typing EASIER with Integrated Management Tools that are Easy to Navigate.
  • Makes the Tools COST EFFECTIVE for all schools.


What makes Typing Agent Different

  • Incredible Teacher Tools
  • Customizing Options that Enhance the Education Experience
  • Cool App Style Interface
  • High Tech In-Tutor Social Learning Environment
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Learn to type in Agent Mode or Adventure Mode
  • Exhilarating Missions and Quests for Students

Typing Agent is iPad ready!

The Achilles heel of the iPad from the beginning has been the difficulty of input compared to the laptop. Typing Agent is the first education development company to offer an online version of our keyboarding tutor for schools that is fully compatible with the iPad! With the use of a wireless keyboard, it’s possible for teachers/students to follow the course using an iPad. Teachers gain full access to all the customization options and even some games are compatible.

What People Say about us

I love Typing Agent because the program completely transforms the keyboard learning process from a dreary, repetitive, struggle to an innovative, exciting, individually-paced, and relevant experience that students and teachers both enjoy. From custom generated lessons that target specific learning deficits, to the social wall which connects students, to the incredible amount of data available to administrators, Typing Agent has covered all the bases to make sure my students grow quickly, effectively, and enjoyably, becoming accomplished touch typists for life. Thank you, Typing Agent!


Matt Townsend | North Carolina School


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